Higher operational efficiency and savings in utility bills through M2M utility technology outlined in new report

Vodafone logoMarketing Release – Utility companies are achieving higher levels of operational efficiency and increased savings for customers through the usage of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) utility technology, explains new report published by Vodafone.

It is predicted that 50 billion machines will be communicating with each other by 2015. The research, which was conducted by the Pew Research Centre, also states that these devices are able to communicate with each other on our behalf, interacting with the physical and the virtual worlds.

M2M technology can help change the public’s perception of utility companies by helping customers save on their bills and better understanding their needs. This in turn helps utility companies open up new opportunities for revenues.

Customers are being empowered by the usage of Smart Meters and Smart Metering, by giving them control of their energy’s sustainability and efficiency with real-time feedback. Utility companies can then better manage their supplies and offer more services ahead of the competition.

The report uncovers how M2M technology is helping utility companies. Read Vodafone’s insights here.

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Lia Banton
Marketing Manager M2M
Vodafone M2M