Rapid developments within your Utility sector can be made easier by M2M technology

Vodafone logoThe cost of utilities is set to undergo a communication revolution aimed at bringing down prices through efficiency. Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technology, aims to connect millions of devices in a bid to create better use of energy.

In a report just released by Vodafone; Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Utilities Insights, the scope of the initiative and its benefits is clear; by hooking up all utility related services and analysing the data, considerable savings can be made, with greater convenience to the consumer.

Our experts identify that the current infrastructure is aging all over the developed world and needs to be replaced and updated, or its declining reliability will lead to increased risks to supply and costs further down the line.

According to Philip Westbroek of Dutch utility, Enexis, “Smart Meters deliver the data they need in real-time. We’re seeing more and more consumers use their Smart Meters to increase their insight in their energy usage.”

Vodafone’s role in this is central, using its network to connect the various points on the grid, and collate the data for effective usage to streamline usage.

The report from Vodafone can be viewed here, outlining the whole M2M concept and how it will benefit both companies and consumers.

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