Nutfield Tech is leading the way when it comes to galvanometer optical scanning devices

Nutfield TechnologyNutfield Technology has been designing and innovating galvanometer optical scanning devices for almost 20 years.  With four-week standard lead time, outstanding technical support and high performance products, Nutfield Tech manufactures galvanometer optical scanning devices that provide outstanding value.

Nutfield Technology provides both optical position detector galvanometer scanners as well as flexure-based galvos. They also make three-axis scan heads, fiber laser kits, scan control software and hardware as well as 2-axis open frame and packaged scan heads.

Nutfield Tech’s fiber laser scan kits offer streamlined laser scanning integration with scan heads, lenses and other components than can be mixed and matched for any specific laser application. The kit includes Wave Runner Software and Pipeline Scan Controller rack-mount enclosure, scan head and cables with connector ports that simplify cabling.

Nutfield Tech is exhibiting for the first time at EASTEC May 12-14 at the Eastern States Exposition in West Springfield MA. Click here:  for your free pass (a $50 value) and enter Tech Promo Code: 12142542.

About Nutfield Technology

Nutfield Technology has been designing and manufacturing advanced galvanometer-based optical scanners, scan heads, laser scan kits, and scan control software and hardware since 1997.  As the one-stop for laser scanning solutions, Nutfield Technology has a full product line ideally suited for all laser scanning applications. Nutfield Technology is located in Hudson, New Hampshire, 30 miles north of Boston with representation in the U.S., Europe and Asia. For more information visit us at:

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