NH Bath Builders for bathroom remodel & bathtub replacement made easy


Photo: New Hampshire Bath Builders

Bath Builders offers beautiful and functional bathroom remodels and bathtub replacement for New Hampshire residents.

“It takes a lot of trust when getting bathroom remodels or a bathtub replacement,” said New Hampshire Bath Builders’ owner, John Comrie. “First, you have to trust that the contractor will do the bathroom remodel properly, with the fixtures and finishes you want,” he said. “Then you have to trust that you’re getting a fair price. Finally, you have to trust that they’ll do the job on time, with no surprises and they will leave your home spotless when they’re done.”

Think of New Hampshire Bath Builders as New Hampshire “Trust” Builders. They only work with bathroom remodels and the process is easy and simple, with three basic price structures and fixtures and fitting choices available on line. You select the price level of bathroom you want, select the fixtures and finishes based on the price level and set the day you want your bathroom remodel to start. Most jobs can be done in a few days, you know you’re getting exactly what you paid for and the New Hampshire Bath Builders bathroom remodel specialists come in, do the work well, finish up and literally vacuum their way out your front door. Because they do about five complete bathroom remodels—and only bathroom remodels each month, Comrie and his team are highly experienced and there are rarely any surprises.

New Hampshire Bath Builders also has straight forward pricing on bathtub replacement and shower replacement, too.

About New Hampshire Bath Builders
After remodeling hundreds of bathrooms, NH Bath Builders were challenged with the desire to offer a more streamlined approach to bathroom remodeling, from product selection and pricing, right through to remodeling and installation. The result is a bathroom remodeling process that is easy, quick and complete, with prices that are not only affordable, but also very easy to understand. Most bathroom remodels can be done in a week or less, by courteous, highly trained professionals that know how to work quickly and clean. For more information, visit http://www.NHbathbuilders.com

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John Comrie
31 ridge rd. Deerfield NH 03037