Management Training Institute Delivers Management Training Seminar in London

team successThe Management Training Institute is proud to announce that they have designed and delivered a customized 3 day management training seminar in London to a team of 30.  “This is the second program we have delivered to this organization as they implement a bi-annual internal training program for all managers and supervisors” states Sales Director, Lauren O’Boyle.  “We are delighted to be building a strong and healthy training relationship with this organization” she adds.

Management Success is the Institute’s key management training seminar.  It is a fully customizable program that allows clients to select from 48 topics to design a management training seminar that is unique and relevant to their needs. “By working closely with key contacts at this organization, we were able to understand their goals and objectives for training. We supported their plan for rolling out bi-annual management training seminars that address the needs of their global workforce” Ms. O’Boyle remarks.  “We also delivered the same customized management training seminar to a group of 30 supervisors simultaneously in Washington, DC.”

The team in London was comprised of supervisors from various European countries, so there was a diverse cultural element to that management training seminar, which was facilitated by Bold New Directions co-founder, Jim Hornickel.  Jim recalls “the diversity of this group was a pleasure to work with.  They interacted thoughtfully and used this management training seminar to bond as members of the same team working in different countries. It was very rewarding” he adds.  The group in Washington, DC was facilitated by long time faculty member, Bob Torsey.  “Bob always gets a group enthused with his high energy training style” remarks Director of Learning, Suzanne Guthrie.  “This 3 day customized management training seminar was packed with exercises and instruction that the participants absorbed with fervor” she adds.

Due to the ability to customize programs, this organization knows that the management training institute will always be able to deliver management training seminars that are powerful and transformative to their team of leaders across the globe.

“We are in the process of scheduling a second round of management training seminars for the Fall of 2015” mentions Sales Director Lauren O’Boyle.  “This is a true testament to the value of our Management Success™ seminars” she concludes.

With over 48 topics to select from, there is a wealth of content that can be tailored for every organization.  Our program designer may also be able to expand on a topic, or design a new one from scratch, creating a management training seminar that is completely unique to that organization.

A recent organization inquired about a 3 day program on Emotional Intelligence.  Our existing EQ program was designed as a 1 day program.  However, program designer Jim Hornickel expanded the 1 day of content to create a customized 3 day program.

About Management Training Institute

Established as a division of global learning company Bold New Directions, the Management Training Institute involves participants in experiential management training seminars that transform the way participants perform at work.  Management Training Institute provides management training seminars to a diverse client base which consists of banking, health care, financial services, technology, manufacturing and higher education.

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