Kirk fights back against website design & development companies falsely claiming that they do SEO

SEOKirk Communications has had it with unscrupulous and/or incompetent website design & development companies proclaiming that they “do search engine optimization.”

“We see business owners every day who think their web site design & development company is doing search engine optimization on their site, “ said Nate Tennant, CEO and Co-founder of Kirk Communications. “In most cases, they are only doing the barest minimum. Some are doing nothing at all. Even worse, many website design & development companies are doing things that cause Google to de-rank their website so it falls much lower in the rankings,” he explained.

Search Engine Optimization–also known as SEO–is a process by which a website can be moved up on Google search engine pages when a website is optimized for keywords. Since virtually no one goes past the second page on Google when they are looking for something, the attractiveness of paying a website design & development company to get you to the first or second search engine results page is very high.

The problem for businesses that know they need SEO, don’t necessarily know how to define success. Couple that with the ease of which unscrupulous website design & development companies can snooker their clients, and search engine optimization is ideal for those wishing to make naïve businesses part with their money while they do almost nothing for it.

“The SEO scammers love to show you results like your company name, your address or your phone number as being listed in the first position on the first page of Google,” Tennant said. “But that’s not how people search for your company,” he explained. “They’re actually looking for the product or service you buy when they type in key words. If a website design & development company can get you ranked for keywords pertaining to what you actually sell, then you might be getting some benefit.”

Kirk specializes in Search Engine Optimization and has proprietary software to analyze the SEO work web companies claim to have done. To find out if you’re getting the SEO work you paid for, get a free SEO analysis by visiting