Blue Car Rental: Insurance included in all car rentals in Iceland

Suzuki Vitara on F-RoadCar rental firms in Iceland cover vehicles with third party insurance as standard, which includes personal accident insurance. This is Icelandic law for driving here.

Blue Car Rental is one of Iceland’s main car rental companies and they do provide insurance as standard for most eventualities. This includes coverage from vehicle theft and gravel protection. With four-wheel drive vehicles especially, having gravel protection included is recommended as stones get flung up by passing cars often causing damage to the headlights, windscreen and paintwork.

In addition, look out for collision damage waiver policies. Any damage might have to be paid to a high amount despite the third party insurance coverage. The super collision damage waivers lower liability costs further.

While Blue Car Rental automatically covers for theft, gravel damage and has damage waivers in place, protection against sand and ash from volcanoes (or SAAP) is an optional extra.

Sand and ash can seriously damage both the engine and bodywork, where potential damage can be more significant than any gravel marks, for instance. Together with high Icelandic winds, the damage to cars can be huge, though liability is significantly reduced when you buy this extra SAAP protection.

Be aware, however, that although insurance is included in car rentals, the more obvious things are not. These would include damage to the car while drunk driving, tire damage, cracked windscreen damage, as well as damage under the chassis. In addition, and this is especially worth noting, water damage from crossing rivers is not covered.

Blue Car Rental provides a great range of vehicles for all driving occasions in Iceland. These include small economy cars like the Kia Rio to medium sized sports and saloons up to larger family cars, luxury marques and even ‘super jeeps’. Many also come with four-wheel drive and while they are more expensive than two-wheel drive cars, you get to explore the whole country (in summer). Insurance is included with all rentals.

See for great deals on a range of vehicles with full insurance.

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