Decoupling pioneers: Nordic activities at COP21

Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg sent off the Nordic COP21 pavilion to a flying start by announcing a 500 million USD partnership with the World Bank to boost climate action in developing countries. The next two weeks will bring a total of more than 50 events and numerous other activities at the pavilion under the heading “New Nordic Climate Solutions”.

The pavilion of the Nordic countries at COP21 opened on November 30 and over the next two weeks it will present a wide ranging programme hosted by the Nordic Council of Ministers. Focus will be on the role of the Nordic countries as decoupling pioneers and on green innovation, financing and much more.

Back in the 1990s, the Nordic countries were the first to show that it is possible to have economic growth while lowering climate emissions. This is a message that resonates at a global event like COP21, with developing and industrialised countries alike trying to find new paths towards a sustainable future.

Photographer Johannes Magnus

Photographer Johannes Magnus

Energy cooperation

Nordic energy cooperation is another focal point at the pavilion, celebrating 100 years of energy cooperation in the Nordic region.

In fact, the Nordics are 25 years ahead of the game when it comes to decarbonizing the electricity production, a feat to a large extent made possible by the common Nordic electricity market and the almost perfect mix of renewables present in the region.

Energy resources like wind, hydro and biomass in the different countries supplement each other very well and the energy policies of the Nordic countries has for decades secured a sound environment for long term planning.

A string of events

Apart from the World Bank partnership, involving also Sweden, Germany and Switzerland, announced at the opening of the pavilion, a whole host of other activities will be taking place.

His Majesty Carl XVI Gustav of Sweden will visit the pavilion and on top of the regular side event programme, a Nordic partnership pioneering new ways towards climate financing and the launch of a new partnership with Power Africa are only some of the events taking place.