OSM Aviation and Norwegian in partnership

Espen Høiby, CEO of OSM AviationOSM Aviation Group has grown over three years into a leading international specialist in airline crew management. Norwegian Air Resources Holding (NARH), a fully owned Norwegian subsidiary, acquires 50 percent of OSM Aviation. “This is an important milestone for us”, says CEO of OSM Aviation, Espen Høiby.

“Through this partnership we will further strengthen our global position as a leading and an attractive employer and a professional provider of quality, competence and human resources to our customers,” says Espen Høiby.

Today, OSM Aviation and Norwegian Air Resources Holding (NARH) formally signed the agreement to form a stronger global partnership in employment and management of aviation crew. The acquisition was recently approved by the EU.

The formalized partnership will build on the experiences of OSM Aviation’s and Norwegian’s established relationship offering professional employment and good career opportunities. The conditions of employment for pilots and cabin crew remain unchanged.

“By joining forces, OSM Aviation will become one of the world’s leading companies for employment and management of crew in global aviation. For more than two years we have had a fruitful and professional relationship with OSM Aviation. Together we will build an even stronger global presence and competitiveness for further expansion in new markets,” said CEO of Norwegian Group, Bjørn Kjos.

OSM Aviation currently employs more than 2 300 employees in 14 countries, with nine international airlines as clients.