Innovative eLearning content development is in high demand



TRA360 offers professional writing services to companies in the Greater Boston area,United States, Europe, and Asia Pac. The company is well known for its life science writing services and financial writing services, while its eLearning content development services are also in high demand.

With the increasing utilization of technology in the mobile workplace, more organizations seeking eLearning development services. HR managers and Training Directors from all sectors are looking to enhance their workplace training and instruction through online tutorials, interactive instructional videos, virtual classrooms, and real-time assessments. TRA360 is skilled in creating eLearning products for all of these outlets.

TRA360’s online learning practice is guided by four instructional design components. The first is pedagogy, which involves utilizing  proven techniques to engage learners in their own education. The second is variety. TRA360 is expert in using a plethora of online media solutions that enhance learning.

Productivity and entertainment are the other two fundamental aspects of online learning development at TRA360. The company integrates real-life job tasks to increase on-the-job performance. Finally, TRA360 aims to create enjoyable, compelling instructional materials so learners will retain and apply what they learn.

About TRA360 professional writing services Started in 1991 by founder, Timothy Rosa, TRA360 has grown to be a professional writing services powerhouse not only in the Boston area but globally. Whether it’s developing award-winning technical writing services to industry giants such as Adobe, Dell, EMC, iRobot, Microsoft, Oracle, and Silicon Laboratories, and emerging companies like Aquent, Ektron, Vidsys, and WinMagic, TRA360 is committed to delivering only the highest quality work products on time and on budget.