Norwegians want to support Iceland against France

Norwegian TV Distributor RiksTV AS has organised a campaign, aimed to highlight their “TV everywhere” service through showing how generous their customers are, having the benefit of TV wherever they are in the country.

Because of this tourists travelling Norway during the Euro 2016, can watch their favourite team playing football in a genuine Norwegian home. All over Norway, Norwegians are opening up their homes and cabins to travelling football fans to watch the Euro.

Whether they forgot it was the Euro, or they just want a unique football experience, People travelling to Norway can book a seat in a family couch and get a football experience for a life time.

Through the simple service called “MatchMaker”, tourists can find local hosts all over the country, and book a match at their place. It might be in their homes, at their mountain cottage, or in their boat. Norwegians bring their TV with them everywhere, and although Norway did not qualify for the Euro, their hospitality have not changed.

The MatchMaker service is free and comes with no strings attached. The host and the tourists meet through the service, but are themselves responsible for setting up a date.

For this Sundays game when Iceland players France, Norwegians are looking to support the estimated 15000 Icelanders in the country and make sure they won’t miss this important game.

Áfram Ísland!