Workplace Technology that Helps People Stay Agile in the Face of Digital Transformation

Computacenter logoBusinesses and organisations around the world are experiencing a digital transformation, utilising new digital technologies in order to do more faster and better than ever before. Digital Me is Computacenter’s answer to helping businesses stay on top of digital workplace trends, assessing the needs of the people who comprise companies and providing the necessary workplace technology to facilitate seamless transition to a digital workplace.

Technology is an essential component to helping companies embrace digital solutions, but it’s not the whole story. People are really at the core of any digital workplace transformation. Digital Me is a human approach; it is the new way to embrace digital transformation by tackling the challenges of an increasingly service-shaped economy, and shaping IT to the specific needs of the people it serves.

Taking employee engagement and satisfaction as its basic premise, Digital Me helps people build digital identities by providing them with access to the technological platforms, devices and tools, as well as timely access to information and increased self-service that is the most appropriate to their work needs. We understand that when people feel in control and engaged with IT, they are enabled to act more easily and efficiently—to collaborate, create, and motivate.

Computacenter has decades of experience in understanding the way organisations work. They begin with an in-depth workstyle assessment, understanding business objectives and the active role your people play in achieving these. They evaluate the way your people work now and foresee the way they will need to work in the near future. Computacenter’s approach is based on long-term partnerships with customers who know the way they work and trust us to remain on the human side of digital revolution.

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