“Kasta macka” (throw a sandwich) is something the Swedish PM does out in nature

Throwing sandwiches may sound like an odd thing to do, but not in Sweden. Over there, “kasta macka” or “throw a sandwich” is what Swedes call skipping stones on water.

The many benefits and wonders of outdoor Sweden

Recently, Mr. Stefan Löfven, the prime minister of Sweden was asked to list his top 5 things to do in the Swedish nature. He especially praised the fact that Swedes are allowed to roam freely in nature, as long as it doesn’t cause a disturbance. And of course, he speaks highly of the beauty of Swedish nature:

Sweden’s grand nature in combination with our freedom to roam is one of our greatest assets when it comes to being a great country to visit. Visit Sweden is working hard to get more people to see the benefits of traveling to Sweden for recreation or adventure.

Mr. Löfven’s remarks were made in relation to Visit Sweden’s initiative to list the whole country of Sweden on Airbnb. Visit Sweden is the official tourism board and it aims to show travelers the benefits of visiting Sweden.

The Prime Minister’s top 5 things to do in the Swedish nature.

  1. Having a glass of wine with my wife Ulla, watching the dramatic coastline of Höga kusten near my hometown Örnsköldsvik.
  2. Walking in one of Sweden’s grand forests, in its simplicity it’s very relaxing.
  3. At my summerhouse in the North of Sweden, nature is in my backyard and it can really clear your mind chopping some wood in the morning.
  4. It’s not only about being in nature, it’s also what nature gives. For example Swedish cloudberries, also known as the gold of the North. Try it with a waffle and some ice cream.
  5. Stone skipping at a beautiful lake or as we say “Kasta macka” (throw a sandwich).

Here you can see a film about the interesting campaign: