Hot new topic GDPR focus of Krossmiðlun conference in Iceland

Icelandic multi-media company Pipar\TBWA hosted their fifth annual conference Krossmiðlun (also known as CrossMedia) in September.

Baker Lambert, Keynote speaker

The event is fast becoming one of the biggest marketing conferences in Iceland, attracting over 300 participants this year. ‘Krossmiðlun originally grew from the need to keep learning and be up to date with the new platforms marketers are using and need to master’ says Vigdis Johannsdottir, COO of Pipar\TBWA.‘The strong speakers we have hosted each year have helped us with each, and now fifth, successful conference,’ Johannsdottir added.
In May 2018 the new GDPR policy (General Data Protection Regulation) became active. Businesses needed to change the way personal data was collected and give clear justification for why and what it would be used for, this single policy transformed the advertising industry but also left some confusion as to how regulations could continue to be followed. Pipar\TBWA have found creative ideas that have helped many companies revolutionise the way advertising is used in their campaigns.

From left to right: Elvar Páll Sigurðsson, Baker Lambert, Edda Blumenstein, Sami Salmenkivi & Valgeir Magnússon

Pipar/TBWA offers social media planning, marketing consultancy and services as well as advertising. This Icelandic advertising agency collaborates with the global company TBWA\Worldwide to keep one step ahead of the changing digital industry. Using their digital platform, Pipar\TBWA identifies cultural triggers that are meaningful to the client branding and determines a course of action to keep the brand relevant and responsive.
The guest speaker this year was Instagram Expert Sue B Zimmerman and keynote speaker Global Data Director from TBWA\Worldwide Baker Lambert. Other speakers included Edda Blumenstein, Elvar Páll Sigurðsson and Ami Salmenkivi who all discussed the impact of GDPR within their areas of the advertising industry, how they have adapted their work to follow regulation and how their methods have helped gain better results.
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