BearingPoint//Beyond launched to supply digital platform solutions with ecosystems

Constant changes in the digital age result in many leading companies struggling to adapt and utilize digital platforms to generate future growth. The top 35,000 publicly traded companies in the US and Europe were included in the world’s first AI-based analysis which shows the need to utilize the strength of digital.

The global economy is being taken over by the ‘platform economy’, creating the need for multi-party business models and business plans. The linear value-chain is losing effectiveness. Collaborative and innovation with in-built ecosystems is necessary to adapt to constant change in competitive and fiscal environments.

BearingPoint//Beyond allows organizations to connect to the right partners, collaborators and customers to build their digital platform models with innovative offerings and new business plans.

BearingPoint//Beyond uses their specialist experience of concept-to-cash and end-to-end processes towards any product combined with Infonova’s award winning technology to provide start-up advantages and solutions to a traditional business set up.

This co-innovation model provides multi-sided interaction between your customers, their customers, your partners and your company by breaking down fixed and linear chains. The model delivers effective networks which increase revenue and improve the customer experience.

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