Bandicam is reborn as all-in-one, screen-recording software with a more intuitive user interface

Bandicam 4.0.0 is a major update that includes a renewal of the skin design, corresponding with video-creation scenes, and enabling improved productivity when making videos. Bandicam has been consistent in adding functions and features such as: webcam overlay recording, hardware acceleration, push to mute/talk, and mouse-click effects, from the time of its first launch in 2009. Bandicam has users worldwide and has earned a reputation as the Number 1 screen-recording software, widely used by YouTubers, gamers and consumer gamers. A “Get Started” screen greets new users and helps them select recording modes.

The current release offers five recording modes: full screen, rectangle, around mouse, game, and device. The ‘Around Mouse’ function enables users to capture the area around the mouse cursor; once recording starts, the target area follows the movement of the cursor. This function will particularly help users to make more efficient tutorial videos. The Screen Recording mode is reborn as Rectangle mode and Full Screen mode; now users can select full screen recording with just one click.

Additionally, this update includes improved display and accessibility for devices. Icons for the mouse, microphone and webcam are now on top of the main window, making it easy to see which device is in use. Although market requirements for video editing and live streaming are increasing, the company has decided against adding these functions at this time. Instead, the real-time drawing function in the Screen Recording mode that was implemented in Bandicam 2.1.1 now has a text input feature. The real-time drawing function allows users to omit the process of editing after recording. Bandicam Company continued to focus on adding new functions and enhancing performance.

A free version of Bandicam 4.0.0 is provided for an unlimited period of time (as before). Updates to Bandicam 4.0.0 will be provided for free in addition to all major updates so far. Customers who have been using the full version of Bandicam 3.4.4 or earlier can use the full version of Bandicam 4.0.0 by overwriting it on the PC on which the user registration was completed. In order to use the full version of Bandicam, user registration after purchasing the license (1-PC for $39USD, 2-PC for $59USD) is required.
“It is very important for us to listen to feedback from users in other countries,” says manager Zun Kim. “We employ local staff to communicate with users from specific regions. In some regions, quality is evaluated very strictly and that encourages us to distribute better products and improved user experiences. We always appreciate our users’ feedback.”