Companies investing more in Business Development Marketing amid fears of Brexit

Amongst the uncertainty of Brexit, SME’s are investing more in Business development and client acquisition according to Leading B2B Sales & Marketing expert. Big Wolf marketing who work across multiple industry sectors, with companies of all sizes, from start-up all the way through to Multinational Corporates, have seen a 60% increase in work-load in the last 6 months especially.

Pierre Coombes, Managing director of, Leading UK B2B Marketing agency, explains ‘ I was concerned initially thinking Marketing would be an area where budgets are squeezed in the Brexit freeze, but thankfully, we are finding increasingly that business are eager to invest more to generate pipeline, in anticipation and preparation for what Brexit may or may not bring’.

UK Business Development Manager at Big Wolf Marketing Adam Barton explains, ‘I think companies fear the effect Brexit with have and realise that they have to spend money to make money. We are seeing companies getting a lot savvier though too, with companies cutting their internal sales & marketing teams to outsource it to agencies like us. They are also opting for a multi-tiered approach utilising the likes of e-mail automation with telemarketing combined for maximum results. It seems companies of all sizes are increasing their business development marketing efforts, while also looking to be more effective with their spend. Big Wolf Managing Director Pierre Coombes reveals ‘30% of our new clients are looking to try different lead generation tactics, steering away from just PPC, the likes of google ads and leaning towards Telemarketing, perhaps as they know the approach builds more rapport and this is what will matter if there is a Brexit crunch.’

Not only are trends of UK companies changing in the Brexit effect, but European and US companies are changing their behaviour around their B2B Marketing spend. Big Wolf Marketing Global Account manager Dario Da Silva explains ‘We work with some huge Venture capital firms and some big names in IT and we’re finding they are wanting to be cleverer with the way they spend their money. We are also finding their focus is changing some what and they are looking to develop other regions further, for example Nordics & eastern Europe’.
Undoubtably until the Brexit bubble bursts to reveal the true lay of the land, companies are getting sharper and being more strategic with their marketing spends. Companies of all sizes are now investing to secure their future by focusing more on marketing and lead generation.