Omantel Wholesale has been Awarded Best Middle Eastern Project at the Global Carrier Awards 2018

Omantel Wholesale, a leading global integrated telecommunications Service Provider, was awarded Best Middle Eastern Project at the Global Carrier Awards 2018 in London, UK. The Global Carrier Awards are hosted by Capacity Media and celebrate vision and excellence in global wholesale telecoms. Omantel Wholesale was given the award for its joint venture with Equinix to deliver a new data centre and interconnection hub to customers at the heart of the Middle East and at the nexus of Asia, Africa and Europe.

“We are extremely proud to receive the award for Best Middle Eastern project. It recognises our vision for a hyperconnected data centre hub that supports growing Cloud and Content demands in the region and across the globe. This project benefits international carrier customers and partners by enabling them to securely host their solutions at a world-class facility and connect global destinations with ultra-low latency networking. We are putting Oman at the centre of Digital Transformation globally and enabling millions of users to enjoy an excellent experience every time they open their applications and services,” said Talal Al Mamari, CEO of Omantel.

Omantel is using its unique geographic location, innovation and partner relationships to create solutions that directly impact how both local, regional and global customers experience the Cloud, Content and its applications and services. The data centre project enables Omantel to support the Digital Transformation of Oman and the wider region. Users and Service Provider partners benefit from a regional hub designed to support innovation and transformation while enabling the delivery of new applications and services.

“We are simplifying and accelerating how our customers and partners connect across the MENA region and the globe. With one central interconnection hub, they can create new competitive advantages with ultra-low latency networking and world-class data centre services. Customers and partners can leverage our investments in the 20 subsea cable systems to connect and optimise solutions globally. We are building infrastructure that transforms how our customers and partners operate and enables them to move with greater agility and performance when serving new demand,” said Sohail Qadir, Vice President of Omantel.

About Omantel Wholesale
Omantel Wholesale is a leading global integrated telecommunications Service Provider. It capitalises on ultra-low latency networking to enable innovation and digital transformation globally. Utilising Oman’s geographic advantage at the absolute nexus of the east, west, north, and south to enable its customers and partners to deliver their services with the best possible end-user experience. Omantel Wholesale is the international and domestic wholesale arm of Oman Telecommunications Company S.A.O.G. (Omantel). Omantel is a joint-stock company listed in Muscat Securities Market and is 51% owned by Oman Investment Fund (OIF), a wholly owned investment arm of the Omani government.