BearingPoint//Beyond – providing the telecommunications sector a unique opportunity for reinvention

The use of digital platforms is on the rise, this means that the competition in your business’ industry is increasing and becoming more intelligent, to keep up, BearingPoint has released digital platform solutions that can innovate the way businesses use digital to grow their services, products and ideas with a digital platform to meet the needs of their customers. Due to the nature of this change, the Telco sector has a perfect opportunity to support businesses to do this and grow even further, failure to do so will leave businesses behind.

The design of BearingPoint//Beyond’s digital platform enables Telcos to adapt their advanced digital business models to bring together the right business partners in a revolutionary new digital ecosystem to generate ideas and execute them that meets the increasing and changing customer needs.

Digital transformations are being driven by utilizing the cloud network, analytics, 5G, AI and IoT by businesses of all sizes and sectors. The Telco sector is in the position to support these digital transformations and expand their products and services with a digital ecosystem that combines solutions partners and technologies. BearingPoint//Beyond’s solutions deliver start-up advantages to traditional businesses.BearingPoint//Beyond


Digital solutions have been developed from a partnership with Amazon Web Services which uses AWS solutions and marketplace partners to progress the digital business platform and open up a new opportunity for the Telcos sector. Our SaaS digital platform offerings mean that Telcos can offer existing services and products faster than before, with lower risk, lower cost and avoiding disruptive changes.

Through the use of digital platform solutions, CSPs are enabled to provide more offers to their customers in a more automated fashion, this can help achieve better monetization of assets and data to allow a wider digital ecosystem partnership into businesses quickly and simply.