The City of Heroes: Nanchang Ready to Impress Europe

Nanchang, a city in China’s Jiangxi province has been reaching out to Europe and intriguing people with its history and culture. As part of the campaign, the Nanchang city promotion programme has been broadcasted in Europe in the UK (Propeller TV) and France (Mandarin TV). Covering over 15 million households to showcase the city. Tengwang Pavilion, dates back to over one thousand years and is one of Nanchang most famous historical attractions, is featured in the stunning video filmed in Nanchang.

Nanchang has a history of over 2200-years filled with abundant cultural heritage and interesting anthropological stories. In the eternally remembered poem by Wangbo, Tengwang Ge Xu the poet praises ‘the land is blessed with riches and nurtures virtuous people’. It is also known as ‘the City of Heroes’ because the Chinese Communist Party started the armed uprising in Nanchang, firing the first bullet of rebellion against the Nationalist Party Kuomintang, leading to the formation of the People’s Liberation Army.

Nowadays, Nanchang with its pioneering spirit is taking a big step towards being a global international city. In December, Nanchang led a campaign that has not only presented its beautiful city, scenery and history to people throughout Europe, but it also brought traditional foods, gifts, activities to provide experiences to local people in London and Paris, so that they may sample the delights that Nanchang has to offer.

In celebration on the 40th anniversary of ‘China Reform and Opening Up’, a group of Nanchang overseas volunteers paid a visit to The Karl Marx memorial in Highgate Cemetery, The British Library and Place Vendôme, pay homage the history of Marxism. The event also brought together three professors from UK’s and France’s top Universities to conduct a discussion on China’s recent history and the significance of Nanchang. Nanchang’s promotional billboards and posters could be seen across London and Paris, providing multiple opportunities to meet local people and exchange cultural ideas.

2018 was the second year of Nanchang promoting its cultural assets abroad, previously focusing on America and Japan in 2017. It has received a great reception and has been encouraged by the feedback from the people that have attended the events. Nanchang will maintain its relationships with the international community and welcomes the world to join the journey through its endless wonders and enjoy exploring its epic history together.