Eelctronics Industry to propel the optically Clear Adhesives Market

Optically clear adhesives (OCAs) is a liquid-based bonding technology used in touch panels and display devices to bind the cover lens, plastic, or other optical materials to the main sensor unit or to each other. They possess remarkable optical properties such as high transmittance and low loss fraction, which make them suitable for use in displays and touchscreens of almost all handheld devices. They help in improving the contrast ratio of displays and in fabricating thinner designs.

Major types of optically clear adhesives are acrylics, polyurethanes, polyvinyl acetate, silicone, and epoxy resins. Optically clear adhesives possess characteristics such as dimensional stability, low shrinkage, and whitening resistance.

They exhibit a wide range of refractive indices required for better optical clarity. Due to these characteristics, Optically clear adhesives (OCAs) are commonly used in displays of smartphones, tablets, computers, television sets with touch screens, display screens of medical devices, OLED infotainment displays in cars, and other OLED devices.

Strong growth of the electronics industry in China, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea has led to the Asia Pacific region witnessing the maximum demand for optically clear adhesives. India is also witnessing remarkable rise in electronics manufacturing. Thus, the demand in Asia Pacific is likely to increase at a more rapid rate compared to other regions during the forecast period.

North America is estimated to be the second-largest market for OCAs from 2018 to 2026. Middle East & Africa is expected to have a lower contribution to the global Optically clear adhesives market demand.