About Randburg News

Randburg is an international, multi-language, business database that brings together a number of parties with a common interest in international marketing.

After pooling together our resources and extensive experience in fields covering international book publishing, international marketing, the Internet, and computer technology, we decided in 1996 to establish an international database on the Internet – Randburg.com. In 2009, we decided to start publishing news and press releases for those wanting to distribute their message worldwide. The site is manged by a team of editors with experience in over 20 different languages. Our editors always try to choose the best content and we do our best to make sure that it is unique and well written.

Currently the team is lead by Jonathan Baker and with him are Russell Harmon and Malcolm Frasier.

Our address is:
Faxafen 5
108 Iceland
IS (+354) 540 9500
UK (+44) (0)20 3239 2464
USA (+1) (347) 767-6595

If you want to contact us through email, use the contact form.